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"Embrace Balance, Nurture Your Spirit, Transform Your Life."


"Unleash Your Inner Glow, Ignite Confidence, Radiate Beauty."


"Revitalize Your Senses, Unwind Stress, Experience Deep Tranquility."

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We are committed to providing an exquisite wellness experience, uniquely designed to meet your individual needs. Our expert team offers personalized massage therapies, advanced beauty treatments, and curated wellness programs. At Healspa, your health, beauty, and peace of mind are our paramount concern.

Revitalize Body and Mind: Dive into our Transformative Wellness Therapies.

Experience Our Specialty Therapy: Unique Blend of Tradition and Innovation for Optimum Wellness.


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Massage therapy center

You deserve better than a rushed massage by a rookie therapist in a place that makes you feel more stressed.


Foot Massage (30/60Min)

By stimulating the reflex zones of the soles of our feet, clearing through the nerves and meridians to optimise the functions of the body’s organs, ensuring smoother blood circulation, while eliminating toxins and waste that are accumulated in the body


Herbal Mask

Mud moxibustion has the effects of warming meridians, repelling cold and dampness, promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, removing toxins, dispelling cold and adjusting the body’s immune function


Lymphatic Detoxification

Promotes lymphatic circulation, excretes toxins, and prevents illness. Increases skin elasticity for a radiant glow


Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone heat penetrates deep into the body to detoxify and soothes the body from aches, helps eliminate cold dampness as well as shedding extra fats for a slimmer body

"A transformative experience! The serene atmosphere paired with the expert staff made for an unparalleled spa retreat. The massage left me feeling rejuvenated and peaceful."
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